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Jacob Rivenbark- Algebra

Mr. Rivenbark was born in Sumter, South Carolina but grew up in Botetourt, Virginia. He attended Lord Botetourt High School where he graduated in 2014. He attended Emory & Henry College where he was a member of the football team for two years, but due to illness and injuries had his career cut a little short. He graduated in 2018 receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics. Mr. Rivenbark began his teaching and coaching career at Galax High School in 2018.

Ms. Charlene Lawson - Calculus


Charlene Lawson graduated from Bluefield State College in 1993 with a degree in Middle/Adolescent Education with a specialization in Mathematics.  Prior to obtaining a teaching position, she worked as a secretary, draftsperson, and office manager for two different civil engineering companies and one mechanical engineering company located in or near Richmond, Virginia.  One company even sent her to Belgium for two weeks of company orientation.  Also during this time, she accumulated years of experience through substitute teaching at Tazewell High School and working for an online education provider in Richmond.


Her first teaching position was in 1997 at John H. Smyth School, a juvenile correctional facility in Hanover, Virginia.  Although it was a juvenile correctional facility, it functioned under a public school system with a military model.   She taught a variety of male students of diverse nationalities, socio-economic backgrounds, and criminal records.  Ms. Lawson taught any mathematical subject from Math 6 through Trigonometry in a true year-round school model, since the students were always in attendance.  She regrettably had to leave this position in 2000 to accompany her husband to Pennsylvania.


In Pennsylvania, she resumed working for one of the civil engineering firms who had decided to open an office in Harrisburg until that fall when she was employed by Baltimore County Public Schools at Franklin High School in Reisterstown, Maryland.  Ms. Lawson taught Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, remediation courses, and Applications of Personal Computing.  This position was vastly different due to the proximity to Baltimore, Maryland and the fact that the campus was surrounded by a few fast-food restaurants and a shopping center across the road.  There was a student body diverse in nationalities, socio-economic backgrounds, and religions.  Again, she regrettably left this position in 2004 due to a divorce and relocating back to Virginia to be closer to her family.


In 2004, Charlene was employed by Galax City Public Schools.  She has taught Algebra I, Algebra 2, Trigonometry/Probability & Statistics, College Precalculus, College Calculus, AP Calculus.  The students in Galax also have diversity in nationalities and socio-economic backgrounds; however, it is in a c

Mrs. Wendy Dixon - Geometry